Why Are We Here?


I was thinking of topics to write about and I figured…why not just start at the Top?

Why Are We Here? 

We are immortal souls who have incarnated in this world within biological vehicles/interfaces for the purpose of having unique experiences. These experiences are had in order for your soul—which is a part of a much larger Soul, which is ultimately the All—to Learn.

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Moving Forward

Hello dear readers,

I’ve decided to make Butterfly Language mostly a site about spirituality, esotericism, magick, and self-improvement topics. (with a little bit of relevant odd stuff thrown in)

I really want Butterfly Language to become an “engine” for evolution and expanded consciousness. 

The majority of my content relating to movies, television, music and other topics are being migrated to Fantasy Merchant. This includes such material relating to synchronicity, politics, and etc. The exception are a bunch of posts which I feel relate strongly enough to the driving “theme” of Butterfly Language that I thought they should stay here.

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The Relationship Of Body To Soul


We are souls operating upon this planet using biological vehicles. These vehicles have a life and “soul”  of their own, without us…the same type of consciousness that animates most animals. We bond with that consciousness—that body—at birth.

But it is important to remind ourselves every once in a while that that soul and body are not the same.

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How True Intuition Works


You have a “gut” feeling about something…but it turns out to be wrong! OR: it turns out to be right on the money! How can you tell the difference?

Well, it’s not exactly a science…but in this post, I want to examine exactly how real intuition works. How active intuition feels and functions, and how to tell the difference between it and other so-called “hunches” driven by fear or wishful thinking.

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When I Follow My Heart, Good Things Happen


When I follow my heart, good things happen—almost effortlessly. Doors and amazing opportunities open up for me, often through (and accompanied by) synchronicity.

When I do not follow my heart—but instead try to do what I “should” do or only what is socially expected/acceptable to do—I suffer

Let me give you a concrete example of this from my own history; maybe you can relate, and/or this will illuminate a similar situation in your life.

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We Need To Pay Attention To What We Let Into Our Head


So I’ll start this as an update on the media fast I had attempted starting last December. I’ve still been successful avoiding the variety of what I would term manipulative and/or sensationalistic news sources that I used to read regularly. These news sources were across the ideological spectrum: left, right, and “mainstream.”

But part of the reason I’ve found it relatively easy to keep most of these sites out of my regular online diet is because they are often filled with intrusive and/or frankly disgusting ads (of the literal “here is a picture of an ass infected with parasites” variety).

It has not been so easy to avoid Twitter and Facebook trending topics, the former of which I will still definitely check multiple times a day.

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We Have To Save Ourselves First


Sounds selfish, right? This idea might go against everything you’ve been taught since you were a little kid. The common wisdom is, think of others before oneself. By giving we are really receiving. By being selfless—by losing Ego—we are really gaining ourselves. And by being so generous of our time and energy and resources, there is the added bonus of being momentarily distracted from things that might be giving us depression or anxiety.

But you have to save yourself first, before you set about trying to save a loved one or a stranger or a country or a planet. This is not selfishness. This is logic.

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