The Death Of “Conspiracy Culture”


It is very hard to write about “oddball” topics when our current reality has become one big oddball topic.

For example, if I try to write about “weird science”—there is quickly becoming no weird science, it is all just mainstream science (no matter how shocking certain things may sound to our virgin ears). The biggest conspiratorial intrigues I could muster to write about—Nixon, Manson, batshit crazy secret cabals, etc.—seem to pale when compared to the current situation (the depths of which, once fully known, I think will go far deeper than anything else we could currently imagine).

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Has NASA Made It Easier For Aliens To Invade Earth?


This is a sensationalistic headline, to be sure—but when we consider that no less a formidable mind as Stephen Hawking has warned us that life on other worlds just might be “rapacious marauders roaming the cosmos in search of resources to plunder, and planets to conquer and colonise,” maybe not that sensationalistic.

National Geographic explores the possibility that the map to Earth etched into the twin Voyager spacecraft might lead aliens right to our front door. You see, they were launched in the late 1970s, and by now both are in the outer-reaches of our solar system and beyond.

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Site Updates

Hello everyone, just some odds and ends here about the site and its direction:

First, after much consideration I’m going to discontinue the weekly tarot readings as they were currently being done, as I didn’t feel they had enough specificity to really be of proper use. In the future I may read the cards for a specific question, but the general “energy” readings just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

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Observations, 8/14/17

simpsons-grandpa-doorOne of the most popular memes of the moment is a gif of Grandpa from The Simpsons entering the house and then immediately turning back and leaving. I’ve seen this gif applied recently to a whole range of news stories, the implicit meaning being “NOPE.”

Last week I watched two highly-volatile world leaders threaten to annihilate thousands—very possibly even millions—of human beings with nukes. I saw how this very immanent danger was handled by the media, and on social media particularly. And I said to myself, “Ah, so this is how the world ends…not with a bang or a whimper, but with strategically-placed memes.”

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Bruno Borges Comes Home

A recent photo of Bruno Borges, back home and interviewed by the media

“I searched for isolation just so as not to be disturbed by the collective.”
–Bruno Borges, translated from the Portugeuse

And so my friends, who have stuck with me through all five months of The Mysterious Disappearance Of Bruno Borgeshe is apparently alive and well(-ish).

According to his family, Borges returned home Friday morning the 11th, though they are mum on further details. The young man had suddenly disappeared March 27, leaving behind a room filled with strange glyphs and diagrams drawn on the walls, a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno, a painting of him with an extraterrestrial, and 14 books written in code.

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