Robert Anton Wilson, Grant Morrison, And The Magick Of Words


The name is the thing itself.
–Robert Anton Wilson

Words can be a very powerful thing. Both William Burroughs and Philip K. Dick believed that language—words—were alive, had viral properties and were (at least some of them) possibly of “alien” origin. But we don’t need to subscribe to such fanciful theories to be convinced of their potentiality and influence…

…we can just visit Twitter on every given day and observe the oft-dramatic proceedings. Glyphs on Twitter: BIG MAGICK. You can weave quite a spell and move thousands, even millions.

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Budweiser To Brew Beer On Mars Because Those Colonists Are Going To Need A Drink


Those fine folks at Anheuser-Busch are no dummies—they know that space miners and colonists are going to need to pass the time and while away the hours of existential dread somehow. That’s why they are making good on their promise earlier this year to be the first company to brew beer on Mars.

Budweiser recently announced that they are moving ahead with the first stage of that plan: giving barley seeds to the International Space Station to experiment with developing beer ingredients in outer space.

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The Possession Of Jim Carrey


Damn, I lost control again. To him.
–Jim Carrey, “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”

There is method acting, and then there is flat-out spiritual possession. The new Netflix documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond gives an extensive behind-the scenes look at the making of the 1999 bio-pic Man On The Moon, starring Jim Carrey as the late iconoclastic comedian Andy Kaufman.

By the end of this documentary you may not be able to say with 100% certainty that Carrey was possessed by the spirit of Kaufman during the making of this film. But you will be convinced that something had happened.

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Biohackers Are Using Mail-Order CRISPR To Alter DNA


We want to grow as a species and maybe change as a species. Whether that is curing disease or immortality or mutant powers is up to you.
–Josiah Zayner, ODIN website

I suppose it was only a matter of time…enterprising biohackers are now using mail-order CRISPR kits to edit DNA. No need to stumble through the darknet to find the websites that sell these kits, either. The ODIN do-it-yourself CRISPR site is as easily accessible as typing in “mail-order CRISPR kit” into your search browser.

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Four Characteristics Of The Evolving Human


Evolution Has Accelerated

My personal belief is that human beings are fast evolving/mutating into Something Else. We’ve been doing this for some time—Robert Anton Wilson refers to it as “The Jumping Jesus” syndrome. But it has sharply accelerated now in the wake of 2012. And for every action is a reaction. So here’s where we get the heavy dose of Crazy—high partisanship, tribalism, fundaMENTALism and fanaticism trying to reassert itself.

Our media—movies, TV, comic books, video games, etc—has been trying to communicate with us for decades regarding this Change in humanity.

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The Manson Web, Part 1


Five to one, baby
One in five
No one here gets out alive
–The Doors, “Five To One”

The passing of Charles Manson has inevitably led me to revisit the Sinister Forces trilogy by Peter Levenda, with the “Manson Secret” being the “scarlet thread of murder” that runs through all three volumes. Merely dipping a toe within chapter 11 of book two, “Night Of The Long Knives,” is like plunging headlong into a rabbit hole of leviathan proportions—a rabbit hole that not only encompasses Manson and the Sharon Tate murder, but Egyptian Gods, MKUltra, the JFK assassination, The Beach Boys, and even Richard M. Nixon.

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