Video: “The Secret History Of Twin Peaks”


This fan video is edited to a passage from the audiobook version of Mark Frost’s 2016 book The Secret History of Twin Peaks. A massive massive spoiler to the entire Twin Peaks series, it is narrated by the character Douglas Milford & is like a conspiracy “meta-theory” that combines many different explanations for the strange occurrences in the show.

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Confessions Of A Tired Dreamer


This story is not so much about the fantastic properties of an unidentified flying, multicolored, ameoba like thing; it’s about one human being’s reaction to it.
—Barry Windsor-Smith, “Time Rise”


I have recorded my dreams for the past 25 years. I have not recorded every day, but a good chunk of them—1000s of dreams, which I am currently in the process of cataloging into separate books.

For the majority of human history, dreams have been an important part of cultural, spiritual, and even political life. We have records of dreams from 3000-4000 years ago, inscribed on clay tablets. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman societies placed a lot of significance on dreams—believing they were pathways to divine communication, healing experiences, and augurs of future events.

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Professor Predicts Brain Transplants Will “Sweep Away Religion Forever”


This recent Telegraph article, based on a German interview with the controversial Professor Sergio Canavero, just got more and more insane and mind-blowing (if you will excuse the pun) as I read it…ending in like an operatic Frankenstein-meets-Nietzsche conclusion that is the stuff of fever-dream obscure conspiracy videos on YouTube.

Professor Canavero—Director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group and most known for his upcoming plans to conduct the world’s first human head transplant—discussed with the magazine Ooom his next project, which will be human brain transplants.

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Observations, 4/26/17

Folks, let’s face it: it’s becoming increasingly likely the U.S. is going to war with North Korea. It might be a short war, it may be a long, dragged-out war; but we’re probably going to war. It’s the Occam’s razor thing. War-moves have been the only thing to make DJT popular with the mainstream media (see: Syria), and it’s easily-justifiable because Kim Jong-Un is really “out there” with the threats and all that.

It would be hard for most rank-and-file Democrats to put their foot down and be like “hell no I’m not signing on with that,” because then all DJT and the GOP has to say is, “what, you don’t want to liberate all those starving oppressed people?” And as we saw with the votes to enter the Iraq War…hahaha, not many people are gonna put their foot down about anything, any time soon, anyway.

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Doctor Believes Bruno Borges Was “Guided By Spirits”

Bruno Borges, who has been missing since March 27

An interesting interview with a doctor and friend of missing Brazilian man Bruno Borges’ family has shed some more light upon the young man’s motives…maybe.

José Medeiros, a physician and founder of eight spiritist centers (I’m half-Brazilian, this is not as unusual as you would think) claimed that Borges approached him last year for guidance on a “project” he was working on. It is unclear if this is the same project that culminated in March with Borges disappearing and leaving behind 14 encrypted books as well as a virtual “temple” in his room flanked by a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno.

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Are You Prepared For The Coming Space Economy?


Mining for rare metals and gases on asteroids has the potential to be “highly disruptive” to the world’s economy, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analysts have recently concluded. Bringing back the incredibly valuable stores of resources like platinum back to Earth would “crater the market for metal” back home.

These analysts, in notes dated April 4, believe that we will be asteroid mining within eight years. And so my question is: are we (the financial markets, corporations, governments, humans on Earth) prepared to have our very economy radically altered by the massive influx of all these new resources?

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