Defying The Ferryman


There is a point to this story I’m going to tell you, though it might not be readily apparent even to myself.

So I spent yesterday with my mother and her boyfriend, who both came up from Florida. Being my mother, she had an extremely specific and unwavering list of things she wanted to see that day, a list she had painstakingly constructed since last year.

First up was Katz’s Delicatessen, which was the location of a crucial scene in the movie When Sally Met Harry

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My Radio Appearance On “Exploring The Bizarre”

Folks, here is the audio from my appearance yesterday on Timothy Beckley & Tim Swartz’s “Exploring The Bizarre.” Author Adam Gorightly is the other guest, and we discuss such topics as Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, Kenneth Anger, Charles Manson, and a lot more.

If you have never heard a person fangirl continuously and with great rapture over conspiracy/paranormal/esoteric topics before: here is your chance!

The One Where Philip K. Dick Publicly Announced The Existence Of The Matrix


I may be talking about something that does not exist; therefore I am free to say everything or nothing.
—Philip K. Dick

Something that came up on the radio show I did yesterday was the time in 1977 when Philip K. Dick announced to a French science-fiction convention audience that a) some of his fiction was “true” and b) we were probably all living in an artificial reality.

I can’t begin to describe or imagine what it must have been like to be in that room watching Dick say all this. It’s like something out of a John Carpenter or David Cronenberg movie. This was a respected author (at least, at that point, in sci-fi circles) basically stating some really far-out stuff as fact.

But it took a lot of guts to do.

Well folks, I just finished a two-hour appearance on a radio show, the first time I’ve ever done this—”Exploring The Bizarre,” hosted by Timothy Beckley and Tim Swartz.

I had an awesome time, and felt really at-home and in my element. I’m usually somewhat shy about doing this sort of stuff, but I felt that I really had to get over that and just start reaching out into the world further. (maybe I’ll do a video blog/podcast of my own in the future…maybe)

Anyway…tonight, I really had the strong feeling that I wanted to keep doing this stuff for the rest of my life. My thanks to Timothy & Tim and my fellow guest Adam Gorightly (I really geeked out that I was going to appear on the same show as him, big fan of his work)…and I will link to/embed the YouTube clip as soon as it’s up!


Everything Is Natural


This is for health food fiends, the natural-fabrics gang, and all those green-head environmental hustlers who stomp around in the “natural”: Your key word is meaningless. Everything is natural. Everything in the universe is a part of nature. Polyester, pesticides, oil slicks, and whoopee cushions. Nature is not just trees and flowers. It’s everything. Human beings are part of nature. And if a human being invents something, that’s part of nature, too. Like the whoopee cushion.
–George Carlin, “Braindroppings”

Review: The Paul Is Dead Documentary “Who Is This Now?”


Who Is This Now? is a short documentary on the “Paul Is Dead” conspiracy theory which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube. Standing out in an increasingly crowded subgenre of a subgenre, the film takes a fresh approach not only to the subject matter but—importantly to me—the way it is told.

If you need a brief refresher on the Paul Is Dead theory (and my post “Better Call Paul: The Mystery of the Winged Beatle” goes into this in far more detail), here goes: basically, it’s that Beatles singer Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a double. “Clues” to the existence of the “fake Paul” (“Faul”) can be found throughout Beatles album covers and lyrics—as well as playing the records backwards.

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An Alternate History Of Jack Parsons, Part 1: Warrior Lord Of The Forties


Expect him not from the East, nor from the West; for from no expected house cometh that child.
–Aleister Crowley, “The Book Of The Law”


John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons was a rocket engineer and one of the key figures in what would become America’s space program. He was also an occultist of no small accomplishment, who might have helped impact the world in a completely different (though…sort of related) way.

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