“No Future For Stillson”

“Actually, I was only kidding. You can get the baby out of here.”
–Donald Trump

In the Stephen King movie The Dead Zone, Martin Sheen plays Greg Stillson, a U.S. Senatorial candidate who is secretly mentally unstable. A psychic has a vision in which Stillson eventually becomes president and sends the nukes flying, dooming the entire world.

Here’s the spoilers: during an assassination attempt on his life at a rally, Stillson grabs a baby and attempts to use it as a human shield to protect himself. Proven as a craven coward, Stillson’s political career is over.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Stillson mentions made the rounds yesterday, set off by Donald Trump’s “get this loser baby away from me” incident.

cqz7qeyucaavvek-smallThe comparisons have been going on for a while, however; if you Google “Trump Greg Stillson” you’ll get countless posts analyzing the uncanny similarities between the two. In fact, King himself has recognized the synchronicity.

Was the baby thing Trump’s “Stillman Moment?” Maybe not—but it does, in a way, represent a sort of “Peak Trumpness.” It was the moment, however brief in the easily-distractable Internet audience’s psyche, in which things sort of “turned.”

Congratulations: we have reached Peak Trumpness. Enjoy the rest of your Summer.

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