Book Panic! (Updated)

So Amazon tells me that the first volume of this particular book series I ordered weeks ago can’t be delivered because it’s suddenly out of print…and I’m looking and the paperback edition is now suddenly like $150 on Amazon brand new. I’m freaking. I have the other two books. I need this book.


So I’m at work and I see a pre-owned one from one of Amazon’s used book dealers for like $30. I can’t remember my Amazon pw and I’m like: “I’ll just buy this when I get home.”


But I get home and look it up and now that copy is also gone!


This is a highly esoteric book from an excruciatingly small publisher and apparently anybody who would still be interested in the book has realized at the same time it’s gone out of print!


So I frantically look up other used copies and I can get one for $40. I immediately purchase it.


I now win Wednesday.


UPDATE: Amazon emailed me that my payment was declined; I accidentally logged in to an old account!