Hey, Can You Spot The Time Traveler In This Photo?!

Some conspiracy theorists believe that there is an out-of-place time-traveler in this 1941 photo. Can you spot him?

Well can you…???..?


If you guessed the Doctor Who looking guy with the whimsical hair, “goggles,” and time-traveler coat you would be…wrong!

He’s actually just a damn hipster.

Snopes reveals that the man in the photo is wearing clothing and glasses that were perfectly available in the 1940s…if you were a damn hipster.

Even the camera he’s holding—which some online cite as proof of his time-traveling ability on account of how small it is—was also of a size and type appropriate to the time period. In fact, it was just the type that damn hipsters were known to have used.

No, the real time-traveler is actually this guy:


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