My Mr. Robot Story

So through a quirk of fate I was invited as a guest-of-a-guest to some sort of Mr. Robot party, right before Season 2 started to air. As a big fan of the show, I was super-excited about this and felt like I was going to attend something super-exclusive and special. Perhaps Christian Slater or even Rami himself might be there!


But the party turned out to be a PR thing for a new line of Mr. Robot-branded stuff at some boutique, and most of the people invited seemed to be online “influencers” of some sort. The entire place was made to look like different aspects of the show, and they were selling basically replicas of all the iconic props and accessories: Elliot’s black hoodie, the fsociety mask, Darlene’s glasses, M.R.’s beige hat, and so on. Plus, tons of branded items such as mugs, socks, etc.


While I was a little disappointed, it was still cool and seemed the closest thing I would ever get to going to a Mr. Robot-only fan convention of some sort. The only thing was, most of the people who were invited didn’t seem like “fans,” only having the most fleeting of interests in the series. The organizers invited tons of influencers, but not that many hardcore fans. As such, there was a vital energy that seemed missing.


In fact, as I droolingly fawned over this or that display item or merchandise, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was woefully out-of-place.


Then—because I’m such an absolute genius—I had a great idea.


I’m not usually a very spontaneous person at events…


…but I had an amazing plan that would not only break the ice, but make me the life of the party.


I would put on the “fsociety” mask and walk through the crowd as if I was cosplaying at a comic convention.


But instead of smiling and getting into the Mr. Robot mood, the party guests closest to me—clutching their hors d’oeuvres and martini glasses—looked back at me in cold-eyed terror. Just complete silence.


Then I sheepishly took off the mask, bought it along with the beige hat, the Darlene glasses, a bottle of “Evil Corp” water, and other tchotchkes, and left with my gift bag.

I tried to tell my best friend about it later to get his perspective, but he was totally unhelpful and pretty negative.


It was like talking to somebody who wasn’t even there.

But then I thought about it for a while…


And I realized the really important lesson here…


…was that I could become an online influencer too and get tons of cool things and get invited to all the parties!


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