Shifting Priorities

I’m going to make a bit of a “hard shift” to this blog & move it over to more futurist/science/technology-related subjects.

There will still be esotericism—in fact, there will probably be even more of it—but it will focus a lot on the idea of humanity’s evolution as a species.

There will still be entertainment-related news and material—but mostly as to how it relates to the above-mentioned topics.

This blog is named after a quote by Dr. Timothy Leary: “You cannot use butterfly language to speak to caterpillars.”

Leary believed that it was the destiny of humanity—its birthright—to evolve into a higher form of life. And part of it involved developments within their DNA, and part of it involved space travel, and part of it was spiritual.

I feel that many of us are simply caterpillars right on the verge of breaking out into being butterflies. And no matter what topic I’m on, it’s that theme I want to keep coming back to. I think it’s important.

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