The Forgotten Real-Life “Simpsons” House

In 1997, FOX came up with the ultimate promotion for “The Simpsons”—a giveaway for a real-life, completely functional house based on the one from the animated show. Almost 20 years later, Adam the Woo risked trespassing charges to find out what happened to the residence, inconspicuously nestled in a sleepy community near Las Vegas.

Spoilers: the place has been completely painted over. Though the Homer Simpson portrait Matt Groening drew in the concrete still remains, there is no other overt element remaining to speak of the home’s previous glory.

A few interesting details remain, however: the purposely cartoony fake brick patches on the chimney, and the original pink color starting to bleed through part of the beige paint-job.

Why would any Simpsons fan win the actual Simpsons house and then symbolically obliterate it? According to the comments in YouTube, the actual rules for the 1997 giveaway gave the winner the right to choose between the house and a cash equivalent—and cash was inexplicably chosen over fandom glory.

The original giveaway ad:

The house now:

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