Wipe Your Playlist And Turbo-Change Your Life


Our music playlists are sort of like that “white noise” thing we end up listening to all the time, whether we mean to or not—it’s just “there.” Especially if you’re using it for commuting, work, gym, etc.

Accumulated over months or even years, this turns intro a sort of mild “brainwashing.” Further, the songs often carry emotional resonances far past their “sell by” date, retreading the same “vibe” into your life over and over again.

Try “wiping” your playlist—archiving your music and then acquiring a small set of new songs/albums to circulate on your phone, MP3 player, computer, or whatever.


Bonus: try new genres.

Bonus: try mostly upbeat songs.

Variation: recirculate some older songs that haven’t been in your playlist for a long time. If you do this, try to pick songs that are specifically from some happier time of your life.

I’ve wiped most of my playlist several times already since I first attempted this, and it’s always been an easy game-changer for me.

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