Do We Even Need Real People To Follow On Instagram?

Or to follow on Facebook? Or Twitter? Or to swipe on the dating app of your choice?

Meet Miquela—an “Instagram Personality.”

She has 80,000 followers and counting. She’s against the building of the Dakota pipeline. She likes to show off her manicures. She apparently likes the TV show Stranger Things. She likes to “flirt with dads.”

And she might not really exist.

Maybe she is completely made of CGI. Maybe she is really a person who has CGI modeled over her to produce the pictures. Maybe she is a publicity stunt for an agency or animation studio. Maybe her account is some sort of performance art. Maybe this was all the idea of one person who wished to interact with the world on their own terms.


But more important to me than what the reality threshold on Miquela is—does the public even care?

Shouldn’t we have more synthetic celebrities? Aren’t the days of Tila Tequila sort of passé, when you have a CGI toolbox at your disposal?

Isn’t the best way to keep an illusion alive to start with an illusion?

As of this writing, it is still not clear who or what Miquela really is. I’m pretty sure the answer will not impede her popularity. She is a pioneer.

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