This Strategy Isn’t Working

I’ve just watched a very good, well-produced, well-presented anti-Donald Trump video by Keith Olbermann. In the video, he goes through “176 Shocking Things” Trump has done. It’s a very convincing argument…if you happen to be of the same reality-tunnel as Keith Olbermann.

But that’s not going to go a long way to convince the nearly 40-50 % of the American people who are solidly supporting Trump, is it?

The choir has been preached to, and we have been more or less “divided up” per our general ideologies. Now what do we do? Do we really think that a standard “anti-Trump” presentation is going to be a game-changer at this point?

It’s not.

We need to get past our individual ideologies and try to reach out to those with opposite viewpoints—we need to reach out with something other than distain and snark.

But we won’t. Not most of us, at any rate.

We want to feel superior, but the superior person knows how to communicate with a wide variety of people. The superior person knows how to make at least a dent in the world view of another.

Anyway. I don’t support a lot of the things Trump has done. But this strategy is not working.

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