AI Creates Beatles-Like Song “Daddy’s Car”

This Beatles-like melody “Daddy’s Car” is apparently one of “the first-ever entire songs composed by Artificial Intelligence.”

Scientists at SONY CSL Research Laboratory used a system called FlowComposer, which learns musical styles via a large database of songs, to make “Daddy’s Car.” Also in the mix was French composer Benoît Carré, who arranged the music and wrote the lyrics.

So: AI didn’t completely make this song…but one would imagine, based on the results here and the continuing innovations in artificial intelligence, that the day will come when musical hits specifically keyed-in to a particular style or artist could be generated completely from a computer.

For example, Benoît Carré literally selected the style “Beatles” for “Daddy’s Car.” For another AI-generated song, “Mr. Shadow,” he selected “American Composers.” One can easily imagine selecting “Grunge-Era” or “Beyonce” or whatever music is desired.

What rights, if any, will the original creators of the music in the database have? Can you copyright a style or a “mood?” Can you copyright an “influence?” What happens when your music becomes part of the digital stew the artificial intelligence uses to synthesize “new” works?

“Daddy’s Car” will appear on an “AI pop album” coming out next year.

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