On Having A “War” On Negativity

Recently I came across a Facebook posting from one of the spiritual-type people I follow indicating that we must consciously keep away from our lives all people who have something negative to say.

By “negative,” this person was specifically referring to those who talk about some sort of personal problem or issue they are having. This is not the first time I’ve read this advice; you get this sometimes in “The Law Of Attraction”-type circles.

So is this true? Is this being selfish? What if it’s a friend or family member? What if it’s a serious issue? Where do you draw the line?

I think that someone’s negative outlook can impact your own. Like that relative or co-worker you talk to that just sucks all the air out of the room with their bitter tales of woe.


If you are walking around with this “vigilance” to keep the negativity away—if you feel like you might be constantly under siege by persons who might “infect” your good vibes—then that mindset itself has now become your “negative vibe.” You’ve created a thoughtform of this adversary—called “Negative Vibes”—and you’ve placed yourself in a little “war” with it.

Whereas you see other people who seem pretty chill—they occasionally have people tell them about being sick or depressed or angry or what have you, but it doesn’t seem to impact them very much. It’s like water off a duck’s back. These people aren’t engaged in that little “war” against negative vibes. Maybe these people occasionally get “brought down” by the Downers, but none of it seems to be a really big deal to them. Because they are not paranoid about “infecting” their good vibes.

Bottom line: Any time you picture yourself in “danger” of something that you need to be vigilant against—you’ve essentially created that adversary. Your attention and fear are feeding the energy you are trying to get away from.

It’s important to cultivate an environment of positivity around you. But if you become obsessed with that mission, and the idea that there is a big Negativity Monster ready to pee in your garden at any moment—you cancel it out.