Your Instant Advantage: Most People Won’t.

Here is the most immediate, powerful, time-tested advice I can give you for self-improvement:

Most people won’t.

They will buy the popular book about success, and help make it a bestseller.
But most people will not finish reading it.

(A lot of the books on self-improvement that I own, I’ve obtained second-hand. They very often have some notes and underlines in the first chapter or two—but then the rest, untouched.)

Most people won’t.

They will buy the gym membership, but give up after the first few weeks or months. So you have an instant advantage over those people if you just keep going to the gym. That’s all you have to do. Just keep going, and make it a habit—now you got an instant advantage over scores of people, thousands and probably millions of other people.

Most people won’t.

They get their news from social media, because it’s easier. They let peers and algorithms and aggregators and trends sort out the most important stories for them to read. They let the editors of the news websites they frequent decide, via the headlines, what topics are the most “buzzworthy” for attention.

Most people won’t dig deeper than that. Most people won’t choose at least 1 or 2 respected sources of journalism, with long articles and big words, to read “cover-to-cover” every week. But if you do, you have an instant advantage. Go read the media that the most successful people in the world read—go read at least one of those listed periodicals every week to have an instant advantage over your peers and be truly more informed about the world around you.

Most people won’t do it.

Most people know they have to change their diet, but won’t.
Most people know they have to reduce stress—but won’t.

Most people know they have to do something that makes them feel fulfilled on a deep level. Most people have that “itch” in the back of their mind that there is a “mission” for their lives, that there is something they can uniquely contribute to the world. But most people won’t take the chance to pursue it.

Most people won’t.
Will you?