A Company Has Built A Real Transformer Robot

Or rather, if you define a “real Transformer” as an actual honest-to-God car that technically transforms into a standing robot…yeah, that’s kind of what we have here.

The Turkish company Letvision has unveiled “Letrons,” a transforming robot built from a BMW 3 Series coupe. In the demonstration video, Letrons is seen transforming from car to standing robot, as its moves are telegraphed by remote control. While it cannot walk yet, Letvision promises that given enough funding it can make that happen as well.

This all begs the question: what are the practical applications of a real-life Transformer? Can a weaponized version be created that can leap through a war zone carrying its own mega-sized pistol in its fully-articulated hand? And can that pistol perhaps transform into a falcon that could also transform into a playable audio tape?

Or is the real market for the Letrons robot the well-heeled geek collector of expensive toys?


In addition to the red robot seen in the video, Letvision has several prototypes on display on their website that look like…you know, honest-to-God Transformers. Is this the future? Can they build one that turns into a slightly dim-witted T. rex? So many questions.

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