Mars, The Media, And You: A Matter Of Priorities

I still need to put together my thoughts on Elon Musk’s Mars colonization speech today, but just as a starter…

Why aren’t these types of news stories covered with more of a priority in the mainstream press?

Look: I think Donald Trump publicly fat-shaming a woman is horrible. He is running for president of the United States & this is just disgraceful and unpresidential. I realize what is at stake here.


Americans need new frontiers to be excited about. The human race needs a “Plan B” to be excited about.

And, even more importantly: the human race needs a Plan B. Period. We have to eventually colonize other planets or run the real risk of dying out as a species.

According to widely-reported census data, there is a sort-of epidemic of young men 20-30 in the United States who have literally given up on finding a job and/or pursuing higher education to live with their parents and play video games.

You know what might possibly motivate some of those men to aim for more and to just be excited about something again? An aggressive and dynamic space exploration initiative.

But instead, they read headlines everywhere about Trump being an asshole. Elon Musk just did a presentation that has dramatically presented one of the most key issues truly facing humanity—and it’s more important that Trump insulted somebody.

How many of those young men support Trump—and if not exactly support him, are enjoying the schadenfreude as the country “burns?”

You see? This is all a cycle.

Burying these stories in favor of sensationalist link-love is its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

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