The Mural That Got Me In Trouble

When I was around 7 years old, I “led” some of the other children in my class in making a mural on a large strip of poster-board. I’m not sure how I managed to corral my fellow kids into collaborating with me on this; I just did.

A teacher’s aide passed by and enquired what we were drawing. I explained:

“Oh, this is California after the Big Earthquake hits it.”

And that’s exactly what it was: an illustration of what the state of California would look like if a massive, Apocalyptic earthquake had hit it. Cracks everywhere, fallen buildings, people yelling.

Further, because Hollywood was in CA, and I identified that city with the movies and entertainment I watched, pop-culture type elements were added to the mural to explicitly make that connection.

For example, I pointed to a section I had just finished, depicting Kermit the Frog disappearing into a fissure:

“See, these are the Muppets falling in the hole after the earthquake.”

After my explanation, the art project was stopped and the mural torn up. I learned to never again involve my classmates with the creation of any eschatological artwork. So you could say that school had done its job in educating me.