Real-Life Outer Space “Asgard” Open For Citizenship Applications

Remember how in the movie Thor the Fabled Norse land of the gods Asgard sort of looked like it was in outer space???

Well, now a Russian businessman and scientist is working to make the first “space nation,” Asgardia, a reality.

In a press conference last week, Igor Ashurbeyli announced that citizenship applications were now open for the new country: “The essence of Asgardia is peace in space, and the prevention of Earth’s conflicts being transferred into space.”

artist’s interpretation of a possible Asgardian space station

Ashurbeyli plans to launch the first Asgardia satellite within the next two years. While he did not go into the technical details in the interconnected network of satellites with a protective space platform.

One of the core principles of Asgardia is a truly independent “Earthling” government, without national boundaries. Among its goals would be preserving peace in space and promoting scientific research. Read a full transcript of Ashurbeyli’s presentation here.

Ashurbeyli is currently working on getting the United Nations to recognize Asgardia. And regardless of whether he succeeds in his quest to make it an official new country, the topic of outer space’s first nation—and what it will represent and entail—is an increasingly relevant one.