Trump=The Singularity

This whole Trump thing is starting to remind me of the theory of the Singularity.

We are headed for this “Singularity Point” in human/technological development, the theory goes, because the more everything advances…the more everything advances. Advances lead to more advances, at higher and higher rates of speed and complexity.

Similarly (sort of), the Trump campaign is like a Singularity of Crazy, that only gets more crazy all the time; with Crazy begetting more Crazy.

Part of this is his inability to admit that he’s ever done anything wrong—and especially doubling-down on clearly wrong things just so he doesn’t have to admit he was mistaken.

That’s an attitude that’s only going to lead to more Crazy—more Crazy requiring more double-downing, which then leads to even more Crazy. And that’s just one example.

Like, I foresee no point, even if he gets elected, where the Crazy will slow down. It will just be more extreme stuff begetting even more extreme stuff.

And where does that end? It doesn’t. It just reaches The Singularity.

So, that is my 25-cent political theory for the day.