We Are In The Planetary Birth Canal Of A New Order


By Terence McKenna, transcribed from a lecture

We are in the planetary birth canal of a new order, and the best advice anyone can be given at this point, I think, is hang on Hannah—because there is no going back now.

Ahead of us lies an unimaginable world characterized by varieties of freedom and opportunity that it would be proposterous for us to attempt to conceive of, except through the glimmering scintillas of anticipation that come to us through eternity, through dreams, through prophecy, through the psychedelic experience.

And if we trust in what we know and communicate this empowering vision and act as though it all depended on our acts of collective caring and attention to toward each other and the earth, if we act that way…then I think instead of hopelessness, anxiety, division, fear and loathing, there is instead a replacement with hope, a sense of community, a sense of transcendental adventure.

The real empowering adventure lies through responsibility to each other, and to love, and to ascetic anticipation of the transcendental realm, and when these things are put in place the powers of the naysayers, and the frightened, the materialists, the control freaks, and the business-as-usual crowd, will be broken—they cannot maintain this.

No one is in charge at this moment, and this is good news!