One Day, We’ll Be Able To Watch Our Own Brainwaves As Entertainment


This post is to remind you that the technology exists to “translate” your mental pictures onto a screen for other people to see (you know…just like in Batman Forever!). This is a good thing to think about every once in a while, just for kicks.

Several years ago a story ran about how researchers at UC Berkeley figured out a way to reconstruct the images that play within the human brain. Subjects were placed for hours at a time in a MRI machine while being exposed to batches of Hollywood movie trailers. The MRI recorded blood  flow through the brain’s visual cortex, and that data was then sent through a computer program that could “translate” the readings into 3D pixel-like units. Then the program “reconstructed” the images perceived by the brain while watching specific trailers:


Now, what does this all mean? This means that the technology is there to visually capture images in your mind, including dreams, memories, and thoughts. That’s not paranoid bullshit: that’s basically what the technology, once it’s perfected, will be able to do.

Let’s take this one step further—again, just for kicks. The story about the brainwave imaging broke on mainstream media. But what if the technological “breakthroughs” that make it to the mainstream media do not reflect the totality of what is already being discovered and researched? What if it’s possible that the actual tech is more advanced than this? Surely, after four years (when the story ran) it must be more advanced!


I suppose this means that once this technology is perfected, our own dreams can be imaged and played back for us in waking life. People will be able to sleep wearing affordable neural-caps that send information wirelessly to an app on their smart phone—then they will be able to create viral videos on YouTube of their dreams and share them with the public to be commented on and rated.

It’s stuff like this that reinforces my belief that everything we are used to right now will be completely altered within 5-10 years—not just technology and its impact on our daily living, but our own conception of reality.


Another point? We really don’t need “Weekly World News” type stories when there is already so many mind-shattering stuff being done nowadays with so-called “hard science.” A lot of it is right there for you to read about, from more-or-less “reputable” sources…and will probably get “fit into” daily life sooner than you might have time to fully anticipate.