A Conversation With Erica: The Fetishization Of The Robot


As the writer for Bloomberg News indicates, there is something creepy about this video featuring an “interview” with highly lifelike robot Erica…but part of it is because of the nature of the interview itself.

erica robot.jpg
actual screenshot from the news video

Two middle-aged men sitting at a table discuss the extremely young-looking female robot sitting between them. Designed to be a “secretary,” Erica responds to commands and smiles demurely as she is being talked about.

Erica robot 2 copy.jpg

The interviewer strokes Erica’s cheek as he remarks on how lifelike she is. Close-up of the air rustling through her abundant inorganic hair, then a shot under the table of her dainty feet (toes pointed modestly inward). The camera lingers on the subtly moist pink lip gloss carefully painted on her silicone lips.

erica robot 3.jpg

The inventor apparently offers Erica to the interviewer to test out exactly how lifelike she really is.

OK, it’s only a kiss being offered. But still. This robotics coverage is slowly turning into some Westworld-level shit right here.

Erica robot 4.jpg
…and the illusion has now been completely destroyed.