Swap Meet Soldier

So I’m visiting my mom in Florida, and she can’t wait to show me this toy she bought for my nephew at a swap meet.

“I want you to tell me what character it is—I think it’s one of the G.I. Joes, or maybe Star Wars.”

She brings this 12-inch action figure out. It needs a little cleaning, but is generally in good shape. There is indeed a type of army uniform on the figure, with impeccable detail.

But I’m not sure this is a G.I. Joe, exactly. The only marking I can find on it says “21st Century Toys.” The company isn’t ringing any bells for me.

Then I look closer at the tiny insignia on the pocket of the figure’s jacket. It sort of looks like a bird with a teeny-tiny “x” under it…

Mom, this doll is a Nazi!”