Palm Tree Garden

As I sit exhausted after a long day in the office, on a subway ride that is filled with delays, I occasionally catch a glimpse of the drawing the person sitting next to me is working on upon his phone. At first, it just looked like a couple of scribbles, some layers of color…but towards the end of the journey, it turned out to be this beautifully-rendered picture of a scene on the beach. Palm tree, lush sand, calm water lapping up upon the shore. As I said, it wasn’t merely a sketch—but a skillful landscape, tapped and scratched out with the tip of the finger and a little stylus.

I had been reflecting on Work—how much of it we do daily, the time put in for commutes, the level of our job satisfactions, and so much more. What was really on this man’s mind, where would he rather be right now? Under the verdant shade of the palm tree, upon the soft sand in the sunshine.

But it was clear that he also had a degree of artistic talent, which he merged with the dreamed-of vacation isle for the tableau upon the Android phone.

These other lives we live between time clocked at the office…