The One Where Donald Trump Takes Us To Jupiter

If several years ago you would have told me that Donald Trump would become president and that he would say he was flying us to Jupiter…well, shit’s been weird since the end of 2012, I’d sort of half-way believe you.

But yes: according to this article, part of Trump’s “space plans” for America is to have us visit Jupiter…its moon Europa, to be exact. Of course, the Monolith aliens told us that we can have any planet but lay the hell off of Europa—so obviously, he’s set to rewrite the ending of 2010: The Year We Make Contact. We will see how that goes.

I had a pretty good conversation on Facebook (see, another strange, strange thing that has happened since the 2012 Mayan No-Pocalypse) yesterday about this topic, and several people expressed doubt that the Republicans would be OK with spending the massive amount of $$$ necessary to put Trump’s stated plans for a space program expansion and the Europa trip. But let me explain why I actually believe there is a good possibility this will happen (at least in part):

Long story short, there is a metric shit-ton of rare and valuable minerals out in space to be mined. These minerals are on our moon, they are in asteroids, and God knows where else they are. But it’s more wealth than you can possibly wrap your head around.

Part of Trump’s space initiative involves asteroid mining. He basically wants the United States to establish a “footprint” in this rapidly-developing industry. Because Russia and China already are. And the stakes are huge. And when I have more time, I will write an in-depth post just on this topic. Because we’re not educated on it, even though within ten years this is going to be like one of the most important things in industry and global (extra-global???) relations.

And so…there is so much more I want to write on this topic, when I have time. But I will leave you with this thought: we, as a species, are at the point where we need to develop our space program and have the ability not only to get off this rock, but to establish colonies throughout the solar system. Humans are one “oops!” or “yikes!” away from ending as a “thing.” The dangers go beyond global warming. In fact, I’m afraid that many of the Powers That Be secretly believe not that climate change doesn’t exist—but rather, that it’s too far gone to be worth fixing.

Again: we have not been educated sufficiently by our media as to the world that is coming. This is my belief. The next several years, leading up to the pivotal 2020, are going to be those of significant “future shock.”