Angry Steven Spielberg’s Letter To Heavy Metal Over “1941”


Steven Spielberg’s 1941—released in 1979—wasn’t a great film. But it is a WTF cinematic curiosity worth checking out if you have an extra couple of hours of your life you don’t mind never getting back.

Publisher Heavy Metal was tapped to do a graphic novel adaptation of the movie, with Stephen R. Bissette and Rick Veitch on creative duties. While I haven’t read the entire adaptation, from what I’ve seen they went completely in their own direction, presenting the movie as a savage satire filled with gore, sex, and some interesting collage-work.


This apparently did not make director Spielberg very happy, and in an era way before email he rushed off an angry letter to Heavy Metal, carbon-copying a whole bunch of his Hollywood compadres.

The best line in the letter is “HEAVY METAL has portrayed our film as a bestial, cannibalistic Hieronymous Bosch nightmare.”

Now, that’s a film I would have liked to have seen!