Would Only Hipsters Buy This Hipster Nativity Set?


How can you make a Statement™ this holiday season?  Wear a $233 mother-of-pearl gold-plated safety pin to show you are an ally? Contribute to digging a hole to nowhere to artistically express your sense of ennui and nihilism as the result of the recent election?

Or buy this Hipster Nativity Set?

I feel at least with the Modern Nativity Set…you know, it’s sort of funny. It’s well-done, as they say. You have Joseph and Mary giving duck-faces while taking a selfie with Jesus, the Three Wise Men are on their Segways carrying Amazon packages, the cow is organic, and this guy…


…you know, he’s just useless.

But I have to wonder who would shell out $129.99 for this set. It couldn’t be someone who identifies as a Hipster™, because the set’s not really portraying them in a flattering light. It’s definitely satire. Per the Modern Nativity website:

If you’ve ever wondered what the very first family Christmas photo looked like, wonder no longer. Fresh off a Whole Foods shopping spree, Joseph is rocking his man bun and finest denim shirt, while Mary shows off her high cheek bones with her best duck face.

So the person who buys this would have to be doing it for ironic reasons. But Hipsters™ by their very definition tend to be somewhat ironic.


Therefore, would the person who buys this set be “neutralizing” the irony of Hipsters™ by applying even more irony?

Is this Irony Inception?

And will buying this set make you immune from being a Hipster™ yourself?

I have this theory…that we are currently living in the age of the Anti-Hipster. That once you start making Nativity Scenes with Hipsters™ in them, it’s sort of like The Decline And Fall Of Hipster Civilization. That the little Hipster Christ in that manger is like Baby Horus announcing the end of the Age Of Pisces Hipster. That the Duckface Mary Momma holding the Starbucks cup is going to eventually be like a manic and exhausted Ann Margaret from the end of Tommy wearing a schmatta.

Or maybe…it’s just a Hipster Nativity Set.