Did A Dead Man Use A TV Set To Communicate With His Friends?


Was the above image of Friedrich Jürgenson “beamed” somehow beyond the grave upon a TV set?

In “Reality Shifts: What Happens To Those Who Slip Between The Cracks Of Time And Space,” P.M.H. Atwater tells the story of Claude and Ellen Thorlin, who were instructed by a disembodied voice to tune in to Channel 4 on their television set.

Though their TV set didn’t usually pick up Channel 4, the face of their friend Friedrich Jürgenson inexplicably appeared on the screen. The time was 1:22 PM—22 minutes into the funeral service for their friend Mr. Jürgenson, which they were unable to attend.

fr1irFriedrich Jürgenson was a well-known Swedish documentary filmmaker…and the father of electronic voice communication with spirits (“electronic voice phenomenon,” or EVP).

Atwater goes on to ask, “Are these events merely coincidences? Too much evidence from too many sources contradicts this idea. Something else is going on here.”

BONUS: a paranormal researcher claims he has communicated with Jürgenson via a “Ghost Box”

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