Top Baby Names For 2017 Apparently Include Zeus, Odin, Lucifer, and Kali


I’m not exactly sure what methodology Today’s “baby name expert” used to come up with this list of trending monikers for newborns—but if there is any validity at all to it, 2017 should be a memorable year.

Tops on the list include male “power names” from ancient mythology, including Zeus, Odin, Orion, Jupiter, Atlas, and Thor. This seems to square away with the heavy dude energy radiated by our to-be POTUS.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are names for girls based on feminist heroes such as Rosa Parks, Simone de Beauvoir, Ada Lovelace, and so on. Again: the trending seems to run parallel with our just-passed U.S. election and the underlining gender dynamics thereof. It should be interesting when all the 2017 boys and girls with the trendy names grow up and start to date.

But most intriguing of all is this forecast from the Today article:

Evil power baby names are back too. We foresee more babies named Lucifer as well as as Lilith, a demon of Jewish folklore, and Kali, the Hindu destroyer.

WTF? Really? Where is this big trend of parents naming their children Lucifer? Who sets out to give their child “evil power baby names?”

Well, if it’s on it must be true!