Contemplating The New Frontier


Super-busy at the moment, but just to comment:

Things seem like such a mess on this planet at the moment that I really have put all my faith and hopes for humanity’s future in developing space exploration to the level where we can colonize other planets. That’s pretty much it. If we as a species can just get through the next 5-8 years, we might be OK; but the time window seems crucial to me.

I’m not saying that if we colonize Mars or Europa or whatever that it is some magic solution to anything, or that we won’t be staring down the barrel of a dystopia regardless.

But the bottom line is that, in spite of all the fighting, politics, wars, philosophy, hopes, etc…if we don’t develop a way to sustain human life on other worlds, one major event like an asteroid could just wipe us all out anyway. It might not happen tomorrow, it might not happen next year, but this planet is always vulnerable to that possibility, as well as many others.

We need vision. We need to move forward. People need to be inspired. More innovation needs to happen. We need some variation of that “Star Trek” type future.

Or I think, ultimately, it will be over for us.

That is why, though I am at heart a spiritual person as opposed to a materialist…I focus on a lot of “material” scientific and technological happenings on this blog.

I do want to see humanity move on to bigger and better things. But this is absolutely going to have to involve space travel and a higher level of technology. I have no time for old arguments. I have only time for the future.