My 2016, 2017, And Beyond


Long story short—I have not had a shitty 2016. I’m not saying it didn’t have stresses and challenges…it just wasn’t the worst year for me in recent memory.

I’m apparently out of sync with a lot of my peers (surprise), many of whom have posted their “beginning of 2016, end of 2016” memes: featuring some fresh-faced celebrity/character in the first picture and a grizzly near-dead and possibly evil version of same celebrity/character in the second picture. The message: 2016 was shit.

A lot of this sentiment, of course, revolves around the U.S. election and Donald Trump. Sure, a bunch of high-profile celebrities such as David Bowie died this year as well, adding to the overall dread—but in the end, it’s Trump that seems to be the deciding factor.

As I’ve written in an earlier post, the election of Trump appears to have not had the same net horror for me as it has had for others—making me seem, perhaps, unfeeling or even a bit of a cretin.

But the thing is: I anticipated the rise of Trump years ago. As I told one person: I pretty much feel as if I have lived through the Trump presidency already. I’m now focusing, at least part of the time, in a period somewhere around the 2020s—which are no less weird believe you me.

And so because I anticipated Trump—and, more precisely, the Aeon-shifting energy surrounding him—I did not, in the final analysis, feel as profoundly soul-crushed as others, many who were informed by the media bubbles of their choice that the man only had like a 1% chance of actually becoming president lol wut.

I do know, however, that if you go into 2017 believing that things will be shit and awful and etc., the Universe will kindly oblige you on that notion. And unfortunately, this seems to be the mass zeitgeist at the moment—and many people will help manifest that energy into reality, regardless of whether they ever consciously wanted to.

And so anyway, 2016 has been great for me in that it made me feel like I finally understood what I have been working towards, researching towards, writing about for the last like 20 years. It was like the year everything I had been truly been “about” finally became relevant. There were certain things I wrote about like 5-8 years ago that were just not “hitting” at the right time…and now I could publish the same things and it would meet up straight with the current zeitgeist.

And so what I want to do in 2017 with this site and other ventures is to just take all that stuff I’ve been researching for 20 years, and all the stuff I have already written, and all those “leads” and ideas for new articles…and just knock it out, one after another.

And so this site would be more than just a blog, but it would be an archive of all of it—the writing, journals, comic stuff, research, etc.

Now is the time. Is there any other time?