Three Free Books From My Archives


I am going to take a vacation from this site until January 9—I’ll need the time to build more content & just sort of take a holiday vacation.

In the meantime, I’ve starting formatting/uploading my archives, and the first 3 volumes are available on Scribd to read for free. I’m going to create a more comprehensive “home” for these on my site, but this will do for now. Enjoy, read, download, etc.


Aspiring comic book artist Tod Moriens stumbles upon a massive conspiracy involving a one-armed guru, a pretty anarchist, and one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Will he save the day?Conspiracy Cover.jpg


When Taliesin Roth accidentally channels what he thinks is his childhood imaginary friend, it turns his life upside-down. Is he psychically downloading the Holy Books? Or is he just being fucked-with?

elvin cover.jpg


When a virus called Braineater infects the livestock population of Earth, humankind is faced with a choice: go vegetarian, or eat “pure” animals such as rats grown in a laboratory.

The Rat Courier cover.jpg