And just like that, everything changed. Everything changed, and nothing changed, and we just got flung head-long into another nice, long, remixed re-cycle—this time of the 60s, 80s, and 00s all at once.

Many months ago, I was asked by a political org, via a third party, to pitch a possible comic book to counter Trump during the election.

My suggestions were: 1) It couldn’t be an explicitly pro-Hillary comic, because I thought that was preaching to the choir, 2) It couldn’t be this explicitly anti-Trump thing with ad hominem attacks and him as Satan, and 3) It had to talk to the concerns of people who would actually be likely to vote for Trump.

We had to *communicate* with those people. We couldn’t patronize, point our fingers, take a stance of moral superiority. And so I wrote up this informal proposal, and a script for an 8-pager focusing on two guys from Middle America at a bar discussing Trump. And the story was just a *discussion.* It wasn’t preaching. It was about having a rational conversation and acknowledging the fears, insecurities, and anger on the other side of the ideological isle.

And of course that didn’t go anywhere. Instead we had… “Deplorables.”

And I think about all this now, as Trump is getting sworn in. One of the biggest failures of the Democrats as a whole was a massive failure to communicate to the other side. If you care about an issue enough, you need to know how to communicate to *everyone* about it, not just the people on your side. But sometimes I think you get so caught up in the idea that you’re right that to consider anything less than outright castigation of the other side is to be a bad person…because the self-evidence of the rightness is there. But that’s not how reality works, it’s not how relations between evolved primates on planet Earth works.

I’m just frustrated. And I’m not going to cast Donald Trump as my mortal enemy for the next “who knows how many” years because that sure as hell didn’t work during the election when 80% of the media/pundits/celebs did it. In fact, it is my belief that all that energy projected onto Trump—all the editiorials, the screeds, the music videos, the Joss Whedon videos, the tweets, the hashtags, all of it—actually made him *stronger*. He ate it all up, like Galactus, and it made him stronger.

I’m just frustrated. And I deal with it by continuing to write in the manner I feel works for me. What will I be doing in the years to come? More writing. I’m sure there will be plenty to write about.

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