Partial Topic List For The Next Few Months


OK, I think I’ve processed (at least for today) the bulk what has just happened in my country—that massive changing of the era. I thought as a change of pace—or at least to keep my own focus sharp—I’d list some of the coming attractions for the next few months.

What I’m currently working on:

  • How pop-culture “predicted” President Trump: going through the most cited (that Simpsons episode), looking at LEGO Movie, then getting into things like “Monopoly Man” from Mr. Robot.
  • Finishing my “Year Of The Mask” series, on the way comic book pop-culture had a baby with politics and how we ended up here. This is going to be a big one. One of the underlying premises is that, at least metaphorically, everything that has happened politically for almost the last decade can be traced back to Christopher Nolan “Batman” movies. Since Trump apparently (possibly?) used a Bane reference in his speech today, I feel like 58% less of a wacko for having this theory.
  • How Philip K. Dick believed that turning down a request to rewrite “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” into an adaptation of Blade Runner was his spiritual “final temptation.”
  • The Mandela Effect and the idea of “Reality Tunnels”
  • The films of Keanu Reeves and the esoteric archetype he tends to play.
  • The crap deal the Millennials have gotten. I go through a bunch of job/financial/sociological data.
  • Our meatless future: the push for “faux” and “clean” meat. And what does it all mean in terms of how our own societal paradigms?
  • Considering a “frog meme” post, comparing it to the Discordian “cult.” I feel this might be a bit of a “land-mine”…at least synchronistically…but it’s pretty fascinating stuff.
  • Some book reviews…maybe Gordon White’s The Chaos Protocols, Robert Anton Wilson’s Quantum Psychology, Tim Leary’s Musings On Human Transformation.
  • The concept of tulpas—with a special look at giant rabbits.
  • Maybe the topic of the Two Harvey Oswalds—because it’s pretty fascinating stuff.
  • And how A Night At The Museum is related to Stanley Kubrick movies.

Tons more stuff, not a comprehensive list at all…

But anyway, that’s some of what’s on my plate.

You gotta keep going on with what you have going on!