The CIA’s Secret Psychic Studies…For Real!


And so while everything else was going on, the CIA released 13 million pages of declassified documents to the public online—800,000 documents including material on psychic research and UFO sightings.

In other news: the CIA funded many years of research into psychic phenomena. This is included trying to “remote view” enemy bases in places like Iran. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory. This actually happened. You can read the actual memos and worksheets. I’m not bullshitting you, these are actual worksheets to test psychic powers.

what a memo detailing using remote viewing to find the hostages in Iran might look like.

In fact, apparently according to some of these documents, 1970s celebrity psychic Uri Geller scored quite highly in tests on his supposed abilities. Go figure.

You can go through this info using the CIA Records Search Tool, or CREST. Knock yourself out. Type “STARGATE” into the search tool to go directly to the psychic research.

Truly, some of this stuff is like the “holy grail” for conspiracy theorists and paranormal researchers—and I will definitely be taking a closer look when I get time. It is like giving Fox Mulder the keys to the kingdom. I suppose things are currently so bizarre in everyday life…some Men Who Stare At Goats/Stranger Things shit seems absolutely tame.

And maybe the Agency’s gotta start some of that esoteric studies right back up. I mean, apparently Russia is winning the Nooscope Race.