We Have The Actual Medical Technology To Regrow Teeth


Having problems with your teeth? I can’t 100% promise this will be able to help you, but it should at least be a pretty encouraging development.

The Alzheimer’s drug Tideglusib has been found to actually stimulate the stem cells inside a tooth, generating new dentine. What this means is that it would be theoretically possible to use Tideglusib to close up cavities with self-grown tooth material—eliminating the need for fillings.

Which might also mean that the drug could eventually be used to fix teeth that have had even more damage than simply cavities.

And because Tideglusib has gone through many clinical trials as an Alzheimer’s drug, it could be fast-tracked for dental use. This is pretty amazing stuff, and we should probably expect to see more medical innovations like this in the near future.

As with all these treatments however…people have to afford to pay for them or have an insurance who is willing to cover it. I have no doubt the the technology is in the works to do a whole lot of incredible things to fix people and extend their lives and even roll back the aging process. But will it only be available for the “haves,” creating a greater and greater gap in society between those able to repair/regenerate their various body parts, and those who cannot?