We Need To Talk About Donald


Things are getting weird out there, folks. I should probably write more on the circus I see out my window (which of course is a computer screen) than I do, though an increase in missives means an increase in the possibility that I say something really stupid—in which case, I guess that qualifies me to become President of the United States.

Trump’s press conference yesterday was almost “full” Howard Beale—and you’d have to imagine, the more beleaguered his tenure becomes, the more it will inch towards completing the Network prophecy.

I’ve told people that if he starts to talk about 9/11 conspiracy theories again—and specifically insinuating that he knows who “really” did it—it’s towards the end for him. That will be his full Beale moment. So if he starts on all that again, you’ll know he knows he’s in big trouble.

I’ve given Trump “a chance,” despite the annoyance/horror of my more left-leaning friends. I do not idealize “the other side” in all this; I do not look at Obama, Hillary, etc. with rose-colored glasses. And I certainly do think that while there is probably some truth to the Russia/Trump thing, it’s also being seized on, magnified, and used in propaganda to get him out of office.

But why does it have to be either/or? Why does it have to be, “either the Russia stuff is true, or it’s being used as scare tactics to oust Trump”? Why can’t it be both?

Similarly, why does it have to be, you either back Trump or you go “full liberal?”

With Trump, it’s a cult of personality at this point. He knows it, and he’s going to put his full focus on playing to his base—because it “comforts” him. Nothing he will ever do, short of sacrificing a baby on-camera, will make that core base give up on him. And even with the baby stuff…well, they can fake that all with special effects now anyway.

What’s going to happen is that one way or another, he’s going to see his term cut short. Not because of any of the racist/sexist/everythingist things he’s said or done. But it will be because he is hurting the economic interests of a powerful few—they’ll never state that this is why he had to “go,” but that’s why.

But of course, that makes a martyr out of Trump—cementing his status as Great American Hero to his base, never giving him a chance to really disappoint/betray them in “real time.”

And that base is going to go bat-shit crazy if he does not at least finish his first term. I mean—it’s going to be bad.

And if Trump knows he’s being “eased out”—he’s going to do everything he can to send it all crashing down in flames before he goes…like the crazy employee who knows he’s about to get fired and shits on all the desks before it happens.

I gave Trump a chance, but bottom line: he’s not cut out for the “long haul” in this. It’s like when you date someone and the red flags keep going up, and you keep dismissing them. Eventually, it’s going to crash.

At the same time, however, I do think there are circles of power out there who actively want to see the “status quo” put back into place.

Again: why can’t it be both?

Lastly, it’s this sense from both sides of “you’re either with us completely, or against us and a shithead” that has really disgusted me over this last several years. And of course, to even say “both sides” is playing into it…in actuality, there aren’t “2 sides.” There’s like as many sides as a steroidal polyhedron.

But the “first lie” is: “2 Sides.”

But it’s human nature, isn’t it? It’s deep, primal human nature to be like “my way or the highway,” right? The small mammal in the field, encountering one possibly-fatal element after another…life broken down into the simple binary of “2 sides”…the one side (you die) and the other side (you don’t die).

We need another option to all this. And the options are there. But be prepared to be called a shithead a lot by the “either/or” crowd.

It’s human nature, baby. All of it. Even Donald.