Hoping For A Conspiracy

the new “hero” archetype

What’s worse, a over-arching conspiracy that controls the entire world, or the fact that maybe the people in power don’t know what the hell they are doing? This is the question a portion of Americans who once feared the Mr. Smiths of this world and thought the CIA was the devil are asking themselves right now, as they look for a “savior” to get us out of this mess.

For shits and giggles, I follow a number of Twitter accounts written by self-professed “insiders”—mostly former CIA/NSA operatives. It’s fun. They give political commentary and drop all sorts of “hints” (sometimes sounding like threats) about this or that. I think I’ve grown too old for the “Twitter Shit-Poster” set, so these guys and gals are much more my speed.

In the old days, such an operative would not have so a direct mouthpiece to the public, and they sure as hell would not wear the moniker “CIA Operative” so boldly on their tiny Twitter bio.

But times have changed. It does seem like things are in disarray at the moment in our government. As much as Trump played to the archetype of the “The Stern But Benevolent Authoritarian Father,” things feel more unstable than ever. And so it is only human nature that people will instinctually seek that archetype elsewhere.

And so there is this growing sense among a vague “coalition” of conservatives and nervous progressives that there has to be some sort of Benevolent Conspiracy of intelligence operatives who can “fix things.” And by “fix things,” they mean…you know…fix things.


Here is a situation where there aren’t many winners. The current administration is not stellar. The “alternative” within the White House, a highly religious Mike Pence, is most likely to become president in my opinion & is going to probably push through all sorts of socially conservative measures. But that doesn’t stop many who would ordinarily rather cut their right hand off than support somebody like Pence from saying, “well it wouldn’t be too bad…at least Pence is sane!”

And once we turn things over to that Benevolent Conspiracy, to fix things, to bring things back to “normals”…well, we saw how it worked the last time.

For one thing, freedom on the Internet is very likely to get cracked down on so “Trump doesn’t happen again.” To be fair, the amount of sheer abuse from trolls and interference from foreign interests in our social media has gotten to a critical mass—and so some parties impacted by such new measures really sort of brought this upon themselves. But like any good crackdown it’s going to rope a lot of other people in, and blacklist a lot of users, information, and websites.

But we can’t have this happen again. We can’t have another “Trump” situation; that is what they will say.

However, perhaps things are so insane at the moment that this is the only option. I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. The options now seem like between one half of a shit sandwich and another…only, one side looks a little bit less shitty than the other. But isn’t that always the way?

There is so much more I could say, and so many examples I have…links, articles, screenshots, etc. It would all be very fascinating and like a Tom Clancy movie if it wasn’t happening in my own country; which, I suppose, shows my own selfishness and ability to trivialize.

At any rate…what’s worse, a over-arching conspiracy that controls the entire world, or the fact that maybe people in power don’t know what the hell they are doing? And who ultimately benefits the most from a cartoon villain in the White House?