The Road To 2020


Part of the reason I have this site—other to keep my brain occupied during the periods of time it isn’t occupied—is because I have a set of rather strong intuitions and convictions as to how the world is going to be within the next 3-8 years and beyond. I could have just published those intuitions and convictions on their own, but it would have seemed all rather naked and lacking context.

That is why, last year, I decided to read up on as much “current events” in science, technology, world politics, and economics as I could; to see if I could “back up” what my gut was telling me. And then present the “hard data” first, building a foundation for these more esoteric notions. Even if the esoteric blew away like a handful of feathers, the foundation would remain; so at least I would have something to show for my efforts, and perhaps even seem less like a maniac than had I not taken the precaution.

Here is the Reader’s Digest CliffsNotes abridged sanitized version of those intuitions and convictions:

  1. The masses aren’t prepared for the immense magnitude of cultural, financial, and political shifts that will take place when emerging technologies like advanced AI, genetic engineering, and outer space mining/colonization become commonplace. This will all happen faster than the average person on the street (or browsing the internet) could ever possibly conceive of.
  2. At the same time #1 is going on, America (and perhaps other parts of the world) will undergo a radical financial collapse.
  3. Human jobs will rapidly be replaced with AI at the very same time the economy is collapsing and social programs have been gutted, producing extreme unrest and leaving many people without a “safety net.”
  4. There will also be a number of “Earth changes” happening—some “manmade,” but others long overdue. There will be inadequate “prep” for these Earth changes.
  5. Due to all of the above factors, many humans will find themselves in a crisis of faith and purpose.

The timeframe would be mid-2018 to into the start of the 2020s.

It doesn’t take a psychic or a Nostradamus to come up with this; as I said, you could just read the news daily (especially the science & technology and business sections) and come up with similar conclusions.

But I came across this video from astrologer Barbara Goldsmith today, “Uranus in Taurus, May 2018-2025 – Economic Revolution?,” and it really resonated with me. See, now we’re moving away from “just the facts, ma’am” and getting into more esoteric waters…but I feel she’s right on the money here.

Goldsmith is far more optimistic about all this than I usually am, but she does have some good points. Things really need to break down sometimes until they get better. And a lot of people have been feeling this nihilistic sense…this sensation of feeling cut off from mother nature and human nature…for a while now. And for sure, a lot of the Millennials are feeling it.

But…I always get a vibe from this society (or maybe just my peers) that if all the toys aren’t in order…if all the apps aren’t working, if people can’t binge-watch their favorite shows, if they can’t have their Amazon subscription for 36 rolls of toilet paper mailed to their house on time…then, well, that’s it. Society collapses. Lord knows what would happen if, say, fresh milk stopped being delivered to the supermarkets for a week. Or all the ATMs stopped working because the banks were hacked and frozen.

519lrpw4fdl-_sx330_bo1204203200_Along these lines, a really indispensable book to read is Gordon White’s The Chaos Protocols, (my review here), which also addresses the same issues Goldsmith mentions. One-part uncanny economic forecast, one-part Book of Shadows, it’s really lays it all out on the table: our fatalistic attachment to the American Dream (which was a highly anomalous period in the history of humanity), the need to be very flexible and willing to change with the tides, etc. I’ll definitely write up a review on this book to give you more detail.

Anyway, I’ll be writing more on this topic—the road to 2020. And I hope you’ll find some of the information helpful.