The Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Hoax Video Confession Hoax


I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, which I am now about to detail, involving the United States government and NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings ALL were faked , and that I was the person who filmed it.
—not Stanley Kubrick

It’s the anniversary of director Stanley Kubrick’s death, and I wanted to find a little something to write about. So how about the time he supposedly “confessed” to helping the U.S. government fake the moon landings…and it turned out to be a hoax?

A hoax of a hoax? Inception!

In our contemporary world of “fake news” (however you wish to define it), the supposed unearthing of “lost footage” in 2015 of Kubrick admitting to hoaxing the moon landings seemed to travel a wee bit far into the mainstream media. The grainy video and seemingly real wild-haired Kubrick seemed…kinda real?

Note: This video, usually titled something like “Stanley Kubrick Admits To Faking The Moon Landing,” is regularly pulled off of YouTube and sometimes reuploaded. Please search YouTube for the latest reupload, if available.

Like Fox Mulder, you hear all this tantalizing stuff and you just want to believe.


Supposedly three days after giving this interview, Kubrick died—presumably knocked off by the Illuminati for finally revealing the shocking truth. But thanks to the expiration of an NDA, the documentarian, T. Patrick Murray, could finally release the interview in a movie called Shooting Stanley Kubrick.

However! “Leaked” footage soon came out of “outtakes” from the video, proving that the interview was a hoax, and that the supposed Kubrick was really an actor named “Tom!”

Only…it seemed a little suspicious to me at the time that the outtake video has been leaked so quickly. Almost as if the filmmaker purposely leaked it himself, just to extend the publicity.

So what we had was a hoax (so-called “leaked” footage) of a hoax (the fake Kubrick interview) of a hoax (moon landing fakery).


The rumor that Kubrick helped fake the moon landing by directing convincing-looking film of it has been around forever & I’d need a whole separate post to get into it, though a great place to start is the 2012 documentary about conspiracy theories revolving around the movie The Shining, Room 237.

And as for the film Shooting Stanley Kubrick, an examination of its official website sort of presented it as sort of another Blair Witch Project, in the style of the “fake documentary genre” such as 2006’s Death Of A President (about the assassination of George W. Bush), and 2010’s Paul McCartney Is Really Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison. To call these movies “mockumentaries” is not quite an accurate description…they’re more like hoax-like, if not in actuality than certainly in spirit.


So what you seemed to have with the Kubrick “mockumentary,” as well as the Bush and Harrison ones, were films that sort of “skirted” the line between fact and reality so much, that some people could easily mistake them as real.

Which is sorta like your contemporary “fake news” aesthetic.

I can’t find an entry for Shooting Stanley Kubrick in the IMDB or Wikipedia, and I’m not sure if it was ever finished or released. Various “rough cuts” are on the Internet if you Google it.

One other angle to this story is how hard-core moon landing conspiracy theorists reacted to this hoax—which was not great. Some even felt that it was “purposely” done to discredit the theory altogether.

Or perhaps Shooting Stanley Kubrick, in today’s world, would have been believed whole-cloth; the whole presentation of the film as a “mockumentary” just a disinformation tactic to distract from the fact that it really was Kubrick being interviewed; the “hoax of a hoax of a hoax” really being…another hoax!