Does Self-Interest Negate Relevance?


Today I learned that if I own an iPhone, I will possibly be unable to afford health insurance AND will probably also be hacked by the government. In both instances, the narcissism and obliviousness inherent to my wider peer group has done me in. Again.

Is Wikileaks working with the Russians to attack Trump’s enemies, or did they have anything relevant to say with Vault 7? Perhaps both. Perhaps to expect such privileged and verboten info to be released without tangible reward for somebody—without at least an eye towards timing—is too much to expect in the post-Snowden age.

This assumes that Snowden himself released the info he did for purely selfless reasons. We really can’t assume that. But if we don’t start assuming something, soon, we all might just float away.

Still, now that I know that my iPhone is probably a Judas, it’d be nice to be able to trust somebody or some thing.

I vote for John Cena.