Online Spiritual Hygiene


I’m going to talk to you today about the need to keep your psyche/aura/spirit relatively free from the at times toxic waxy build-up that being too long online can produce. I realize this might all sound like a public service announcement circa 1999 about that new fad the Internet, but especially now it bears repeating.

In your normal life in the Mundane World you may personally interact with dozens (a dozen? three?) of people a day. If you count the simple act of merely being in proximity of other humans—and either live in a big city or are at some sort of attendance-heavy event like a concert or convention—that number could skyrocket into the hundreds.

But, unless you suffer from intense social anxiety or have some really poor psychic shielding, you can “block out” the intensity of these incidental “interactions.” It can become like a sort of “white noise.”

I would argue, however, that we often do not bring the same level of shielding to our online encounters—instead, leaving ourselves open to be “overwhelmed” (and not even immediately realize it).


IMPORTANT: I’m not primarily talking about being vulnerable to the standard online predator catfishing trolling jerks, but just the impact of human interaction after human interaction…countless status updates of humanity in an infinite scroll on your screen.

Every interaction, without that vital shielding, lingers. Online or not. It is an energy.

And so whether you are regularly browsing through your substantial Twitter “follow” list or chatting with 10, 20, 40 people in one shot on your flirt app…that’s a certain type of energy that is now stuck to you. And without shielding, without regular energy clearing techniques…well, that’s the fuzzy plaque on your teeth you need the professional electric tooth-blaster for.

Read about the increased rates of stress for people as the number of “friends” on Facebook increases. Now, why should that be? Shouldn’t having more online friends make one feel MORE happy, not less?


Humans were not meant to maintain this many friendships, all giving you their updates, opinions, and so forth, every single day. Hundreds and thousands of them. I’m not saying this because I’m a misanthrope (though certainly that is debatable), but because it’s simply a human fact.

Like interacting in a crowded, bustling city, the only way your Spirit remains unscathed by the chaotic energy—by the sheer mass of souls—is by shielding. Is by strategically blocking a portion of it out.

spock-pain-computerBut how many of us make a point to do this? How many of us, instead, simply get drained and never know why?

Instead of seeing encouragements to step away, to “unplug,” to shield, to recharge…I just see more and more and more invites to the ginormous digital human carwash…more invitations to “network” and connect in every way conceivable, with little-to-no thought about quality, repercussions, or the myriad of little energy vortexes we open up all over the interwebs.

andrew-garfield-aaaaah-typing-computerLook, technology and the Internet and wearable apps that can scan your food are awesome, don’t get me wrong. But by not factoring the human spirit into the equation—and I know there are plenty of people out there who don’t believe we have spirits or souls at all and are, instead, just biological machines—we let the tech “rule” us…rather than the other way around.

And the tech is only going to get more “integrated” within our daily lives (and maybe bodies?) in the years to come, so we might as well start practicing that “shielding” now.

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