Pizzagate-gate: Alex Jones Says Thee Nay


Pizzagate is one of those topics that I don’t really discuss on this site, because the sum total of my opinions on the matter would satisfy neither side of the debate—said another way, it just doesn’t seem “worth it” for me to get into, unless I was paid a certain amount of cash or at least received a free t-shirt for my troubles.

But first we have recent news that the FBI is investigating conservative websites such as Breitbart and Infowars, and only a few days later Alex Jones has publicly sort of apologized for his coverage of hot-button conspiracy topic Pizzagate. Which to my mind…makes me think that these investigations have really shook things up in these media circles. It doesn’t help that the “Pizzagate Gunman” has just pled guilty to walking into the Comet Pingpong restaurant with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Then you got the whole thing with Michael Flynn and his son being high-profile proponents of the Pizzagate theory…and now it sort of looks like Flynn has been thrown under the bus by DJT and Co. with this new National Enquirer (friends of DJT) cover story that just came out. The article (as much as I’ve seen of it) doesn’t specifically call Flynn a rotten Commie spy trying to destroy America but it kinda implies it. And so perhaps everything associated with Flynn now is verboten and tainted…including the Pizza.

And so you have Pizzagate-gate.

Infowars has suddenly found itself between becoming a possibly normie media outlet and being eyed by the Feds, so their distancing from this issue does not surprise me. But it does feel like part of a larger trend. There’s gonna be a lot of reshuffling as to who cottons to what conspiracy theories, what’s legit, and so forth. I see it on Twitter every day among journalists, politicians, pundits, ex-CIA types, and so forth—everyone accusing everyone else of fake news, being a Russian stooge, being a McCarthyite, a batshit loon, and so on.

It’s getting weird out there, folks; carry a towel and a protein bar with you at all times.