Man Dressed As Joker & Carrying Sword Arrested In Virginia


Just the other day I was wondering if Joker-related crimes had finally dried up—that particular incarnation of the archetype finally fading out in favor of other grinning boogeymen.

But now a 31-year-old man in Winchester, Virginia has been arrested for walking around town dressed as the Joker & carrying a sword. And I have to say, after about eight years of tracking Joker-related incidents, this guy’s mug is the scariest interpretation I’ve ever seen:


Let’s face it: pants-shitting scary.

Certainly, the contact lenses (they are contact lenses…right?) add quite a bit to the overall effect.

Jeremy Putnam was charged with wearing a mask in public. Now you may point out that indeed that is no mask, that is Putnam’s face. BUT…

According to Virginia Code 18.2-422, wearing a mask, hood, or anything that hides one’s face is a felony crime. Must be tough around comic-con season.

While Putnam’s Joker-of-choice is quite obviously the Heath Ledger interpretation, I do have to wonder if the Joker-inspired Snoop Dogg music video released last week didn’t wake the archetype back up in the mass consciousness. Certainly not putting the blame on Snoop for all this—but this is how this energy gets stirred back up. The energy is already there—it just needs a set and setting.