The Golden Girls Prophecy


Was this Golden Girls clip prophetic? In the 1989 episode “Sophia’s Choice,” the cast discusses their encroaching age, and the fact that at some point they might be in a senior citizen home or even deceased.

Note the order of how the Girls are sitting: first Sophia (Estelle Getty), then Dorothy (Bea Arthur), then Blanche (Rue McClanahan), and finally Rose (Betty White). The first 3 are sitting, left to right, in the order in which the actresses themselves passed on (Getty in 2008, Arthur in 2009, and McClanahan in 2010).

That leaves Betty White (who, as of this writing, is still very much alive) at the far right, who asks, “But what happens when there’s only one of us left?”

This type of seeming “foreshadowing” of real-life events is quite common in movies, television, and other forms of entertainment, as many posts on this site will attest to. Are they simply coincidences that we place importance upon? Or is there something more to Reality than is commonly believed?