Shazaam! Mandela Effect Manifests In CollegeHumor Video

Sinbad in “Shaazam”

It is probably the most well-known of the so-called “Mandela Effects”—that comedian Sinbad starred in an early 1990s kids movie called Shazaam! as a genie. Numerous people online have claimed to remember this movie, but it does not seem to exist. Was the possible reason for this discrepancy some conflation of memories consisting of the Shaquille O’Neal movie Kaazam! and the fact that Sinbad once dressed like a genie for a TV film festival?

Or are we indeed in an alternate parallel universe—perhaps produced by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider—in which Kaazam! is really just a bastardized version of Shaazam!?

Sinbad denies he ever starred in “Shazaam” (though…now he apparently has)

Whatever the case, this April Fools Day video by CollegeHumor has indeed “manifested” the one and only Sinbad as Shaazam!, complete with all sorts of Mandela Effect easter eggs for the sharp-eyed viewer.

My question is…is it possible at all that the reason some of the people remember Sinbad as Shaazam! is because they had “future memory” of this CollegeHumor video? Are these “Mandela Effects” being brought to “life” within our reality in precisely this method, like some sort of pop-culture Möbius strip?


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