Shocking VR Troopers Video Tells The Truth About “Skugs”


Is your friend really a “Skug?” How about that chef at the local deli? Your parents???

Here is an unusually paranoid music video from the mid-1990s Saban Entertainment children’s series VR Troopers. For those older than this nostalgic demographic, Saban was like the Sid and Marty Krofft of their day, with Mighty Morphing Power Rangers being their best-known property. Other Saban shows of the period were Big Bad Beetleborgs (for the younger kids), and VR Troopers (for those about to graduate out of Saban shows and go straight to Michael Bay).

But enough of such boring history! Let’s enjoy this disturbing musical journey into the creatures that exist in alternate dimensions, anxious to use diabolical newfangled “VR” technology to impersonate human beings and take over the planet.