Royalty And Reality


The word “real” and the word “royal” are inextricably linked. Indeed, in some languages the word for “real” and the word for “royal” is the same, such as Spanish real. Reality is, in this view, linked with royalty; what is real is what is part of the kingdom, the “real estate.” What is outside the kingdom is, therefore, outside of reality. It is not “royal,” hence it is not “real.” This speaks to Robert Anton Wilson’s concept of “consensus reality”…

Reality is a shape-shifter, dependent as much on political decisions as it is on scientific observations. And these decisions and observations are usually not the prerogative of the individual citizen. An essential part—a fundamental part—of the social contract, and imposed from the top down, is a general agreement as to what constitutes reality.

To deviate from that argument is to deviate from society—the kingdom, the real estate, the state religion—itself. It is to become, in a sense, a satanist, a worshipper of an adversary, or a witch, a worshipper of an unapproved god.
—Peter Levenda, “Sinister Forces” Book 2