Tarot Forecast: Week Of April 10, 2017


I’ve been reading tarot cards for 20 years, mostly for myself but occasionally for others. I thought I’d do a short reading gauging the “energy” of the world as a whole for the upcoming week. Not predictions, per se: but just energy. I’m going to use different decks each week just to keep it interesting.

The way it works is: I’ll pick three cards. The cards start as the foundation of the reading, but I may veer off from that and just riff on whatever is really coming to mind. The cards are a sort of “springboard” for that riffing. And the predominant energy might be coming from something in politics, world events, etc.—or it could just be more of a general vibe I feel in the world.

Here are the cards I got for the week of 4/10/17:


And so the immediate sense I get from the first card here, the 6 of Wands (“Victory”), is that there is going to be some sort of celebration over something (possibly military-based). We are talking a war-type “victory,” something that rallies a lot of people. It brings up the national morale. And yet, when we look at the next card, “The Devil,” there is something about this victory that is not quite “right.” The foundation of this victory seems unstable and vague, if you really look at it. It “taints” the victory in some way.

The card right next to that, the 3 of Swords reversed (“Sorrow”), indicates to me that there is initially a more positive attitude out there in the world overall, in the media etc. “Some of the sorrow has passed; we are feeling confident.” It’s a change in that zeitgeist energy, especially in the mainstream. And I think that idea is important—that it’s the mainstream that is feeling this new optimism. It’s this need for “normality.”

And it’s a sort of rah-rah patriotism thing that I see. It’s Cold War-like. It’s a re-cycle of something we’ve seen before. That first card, is like the fanfare of patriotism, of military. And so in theory, there is this more “positive” energy happening overall, especially in the United States. But there is something underlying that. And you’re torn, because you want to be happy and optimistic. But it’s the same thing we’ve already seen.

That’s the energy I’m picking up. It clearly flows from the energy last week. Beyond that, I think we are going to see a Reaganization/80’s-fication of the presidency and the United States. And I think a lot of the sort of “fringe” types that DJT used to get into power are going to get pushed into the distance; and so you have that drama underlying things.

So: not gloom-and-doom on the surface; but a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. There’s an ambivalence to the proceedings. The week after that’s gonna get kinda weird, though; because historically, the last couple of weeks in April attract a sort of darker energy. And that’s the last point I want to make about this week—it’s could be a misleadingly positive week, in terms of the month as a whole; it’s like right on the dividing line.