Observations, 4/11/17

And so we have several things going on now in the world, all at the same time–

First, on a “local” level, we have the shooting yesterday at a San Bernardino school. This was apparently a domestic dispute with a couple of children tragically caught in the crossfire. But the story resonates strongly two hot-button topics with the public: the idea of “school shootings,” and the connection the name San Bernardino has with terrorism (from the event last year). So when people see the name “San Bernardino” fly by on their news feeds, in huge bunches, these are the issues/anxieties it subliminally triggers.

Second, there is apparently right now a heavily-armed guy at large who has just sent a 161-page manifesto to Donald Trump promising violence. Joseph Jakubowski stole these weapons from the “Armageddon Gun Shop” (!). The manifesto is considered “anti-government” and “anti-religion.” Schools were threatened. So again, we have the idea of a possible school shooting, plus echoes of Tim McVeigh, etc.

Third, there are many people on the “alt-right” who are currently really pissed off about the bombing in Syria and feel like Trump betrayed them. I’m actually quite stunned by how quickly they turned on him, though I had been anticipating it.

Fourth: It seems like the U.S. is angling to go to war with both Syria and North Korea; no official declarations on this front, but this seems to be the general vibe, with saber-rattling against Russia on top of it.

Lastly, as just like the overall media “environment” within which these stories all play out online, we have these horrific images of the passenger from United Airlines who was beaten up & dragged out of a flight. I can’t go a few minutes on the internet without seeing this man’s bloody face.

It’s a very…tense energy. It is a tension without “full release,” something that is ratcheting up. Astrologically, this all checks out. And then I look at the little historical calendar I made of world events in April.

A weird, tense time. :-/