Is Bruno Borges The Reincarnation Of Giordano Bruno?

Giordano Bruno and Bruno Borges

So much more information on the disappearance of Bruno Borges (some of which is summarized on Everpedia) has come to light since the initial time I wrote about it, and I wanted to touch base on that.

Before I do, I have to caution you (and myself, for that matter) that in this crazy publicity-obsessed world in which we live in, there is the possibility that this could all be some sort of “stunt” or even hoax (or, something I see a lot more regularly, a “partial” stunt/hoax that resides in a murky “gray area”). Based on everything I’ve read so far, I don’t see any evidence of that—but if we are going to be Explorers Into The Unknown we have to always use discernment.

That said, apparently Borges was an extremely intellectual, sensitive, and esoterically-inclined individual who, in 2013, began seeking donations from family members for a big secret project. This project was the composition of 14 books which Borges claimed would benefit humankind.

the Books

And he actually wrote those books, leaving them behind in his temple/room within 14 separate binders identified by Roman numerals on the cover. These books were written in a sort of code, but he left behind a guide to figure it all out. I don’t know if, outside of what a computer programmer did online with a fragment, if the other books—which I have to imagine are in the custody of his family—have been translated or if there are any plans to do so.

The elaborate occult stylings of his room were created during a 24-day period when his parents were on vacation. The life-sized statue of philosopher/occultist Giordano Bruno was created by a Peruvian sculptor and cost Borges a lot of money; money that I assume was from the “project fund” acquired from his family.

the statue of Giordano Bruno, plus symbols & words in code

A Redditor has summarized the findings of an investigation into Borges’ disappearance by the Brazilian newsmagazine Fantasico. An intriguing part is something about what he did when he left his home, involving a motel, a clearing in a forest, magical tunics, and a possible ceremony. I don’t get the feeling from reading the summary of that report that he necessarily did something to himself like commit suicide or anything like that.

Now, there seems to be a growing number of people who think Borges is the reincarnation of Giordano Bruno. They feel this way not only because of Borges’ obsession with, and understanding of the writings by, the man, but because he does bear some striking physical resemblance to him. And, you know, his name is “Bruno.”

And so what if Borges suddenly “realized” one day that he was really Giordano Bruno? I mean, let’s suspend all belief and just consider what one would do if they spontaneously “woke up” to the fact that they were some sort of historical/esoteric personage of that quality, living in 2017.

I mean seriously, who has the time and inclination to do all this unless you’re Giordano freakin’ Bruno? Think about it.

This person would freak the fuck out, right? They would suddenly act all weird, alienated, expressing sharp new interests & in esoteric subjects…suddenly find modern society appalling…demonstrate impressive skills in writing, drawing, map-making, new languages, or what-have-you…and might, if they were originally a philosopher of Bruno’s status, develop an all-encompassing “mission” to transmit as much pertinent information as possible to the public…trying to transmit a massive amount of writing to the public in the most practical, time-sensitive, “mass-market” way achievable.

this symbol crops up a bit.

So would a person so inclined use social media to reach these goals? Viral videos? Blogs?

Who knows?

This is why I talked of this all possibly being a “partial stunt” at the beginning of the post. If you are Giordano Bruno in 2017, and you have this message to impart to humanity, how do you it? You might create a stunt or a “happening” that gets a lot of attention on the internet. That doesn’t automatically “disqualify” you as being the reincarnation of Giordano Bruno. That just means you’re being smart about things.

At any rate, there is still a lot of missing pieces to the story of the disappearance of Bruno Borges. But now we know a little bit more.

But what about the alien stuff?